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Jiri Linhart, M.D. - experience with Somavedic Medic

Testimonial on Medic model

Since 1st of May 2018, I have been using two Somavedic Medic devices. One is in my work in a dental office, the second one at home in my bedroom. Since that time I have spent in total about 2000 hours around those two devices. Data is for the 1st of November 2018, i.e. 1200 hours at home and 800 hours at work without around 1 month of holiday outside of home and work.

After this time I can confirm that my psychological and physical health state has improved despite continuous significant workload. Subjectively I feel more vital and I have more energy. Internal unease, coming from the constant pressure of patients for early treatment, has reduced. After sleep, I feel more rested.

Every day at 6:00 in the morning I do about 20 minutes of stretching exercises. During weekends I cycle hundreds of kilometers and ride dozens of kilometers on lake kayak on rivers and dams. During doing sports I feel efficient adequately to my age. Also according to measurements of efficiency by Endomondo program in a smartphone, the results of the training look good. Overall I think my tiredness at work and also in sports have decreased. In the beginning, I didn’t notice any negative reactions.

What brought me to Somavedic is information about its effect on water. Photographs of changed structures of frozen water crystals assured me that this change in molecular structure will naturally lead to harmonization of water in the body. The volume of water in the body is approximately 70% of a person’s weight. The proof of this phenomenon is an image of divided red blood cells under Darkfield microscope. Several years ago I underwent this examination and with my own eyes I saw so-called rulo forma or gluing of red blood cells into shapes of as if beads on a necklace. These shapes/longitudinal clusters of blood cells/ cannot flow through microscopic vessel capillaries and cannot ideally fulfill their function of feeding tissues and releasing products on the level of microcirculation.

It is absolutely clear that Somavedic has an effect also on the harmonization of energy flow in the body and releasing blockages, which is evidently its main task. Unfortunately, I am not trained in this issue, so I am not able to describe these phenomena. But I am willing to listen to this phenomena in prevention also during the development of an illness. Maybe I also understand that most Czech physicians refused this non-materialistic terminology as inconclusive. Awareness of citizens and also the professional medical community is quite small in this field in our country so far. To refuse something is always much easier than to study the unexplored or even to develop a device for improving our health state and efficiency like Mr. Rybjanský have done.

Us users and also people considering buying any type of Somavedic device owe him thanks.

- Jiri Linhart, M.D., 55 years