Melinda Asztalos testimonial of Somavedic Ruby andCobalt Reference
Melinda Asztalos Somavedic Ruby andCobalt Reference

I have been using the Ruby and Cobalt Somavedic devices with my clients with brilliant results. Combining My Body Regeneration Techniques with the alignment of the particular energies of each device allows my clients bodies to receive more healing in a multitude of ways. Clients have reported a great sense of ease, peace, significantly reduced stress and notable shifts within the digestive, reproductive, endocrine and skeletal systems.

I am deeply pleased and delighted at the ease with which the energy flows and how the energies connect with individual bodies in ways that allows them to receive what they are able to receive in the moment. I get a clear awareness of where the devices can be placed on the body and for how long. As an energy practitioner, it is lovely to work in communion with a device that exudes a very high vibration of conscious energy. This energy invites the participation of the movement of the molecules to create greater possibilities for each client, no matter what their situation may be.

With deep gratitude
Melinda Asztalos
Body Regeneration Practitioner and Specialist