Somavedic Medic Green Ultra testimonial: Robert Leonard
Somavedic Medic Green Ultra testimonial: Robert Leonard

The situation is as follows and of course I do not have any hard evidence but statistically and anecdotally it is very interesting.

I had the operation in June 2018, atrial fibrillation ablation on both sides. After the operation there was an asymptomic phase from June to September. Then it started again but differently.

I had short attacks of a few minutes more frequently sometimes even a couple of times a day and longer ones almost once a month which took 6-7 hours. Before, I had attacks that lasted 1-10 days.

It happened mostly at home, during hard physical effort, during travel (plane trips).

In May 2019 I got the Somavedic, the expensive green one, in the house and … I have had no attacks in the house since.

First I did not notice because it used to happen on trips and sometimes there was some time in between the attacks but after the 3 trail months I had to make a decision to buy the device or send it back.

I realized I have not had any attacks in the house for 3 months. That has not happened since it started in 2014 (ca. 70% happen at home). Now in the end of February 2020, still no attacks at home, which is extraordinary because they happen when I am away from home for more than 3 days.

I have no explanation, no changes were made in the lifestyle or living circumstances. I have no means of measuring anything scientific besides heartrate on my Apple watch. My pulse is not lower at home then outside home.

After 5 years of monthly even weekly attacks to no attacks in 10 months, no cardiologist can explain this to me. But as doctors are, they have not changed their attitude much since the middle ages in their flexibility to look into alternatives.

After 300 years of bloodletting (sticking and cutting), now we have medicine, sticking and cutting, radiating and burning that at least for me has more side effects than effects.

Just maybe, an electromagnetic device might have some effect on an electromagnetic organ like the heart. But just imagine all the pills that do not get sold if the millions of people could just use a device like yours …

Maybe I could have saved me of a heart operation which scarred my heart tissue and gave me a nasty pericardia inflammation which took two months to heal. The medicinal treatment of the inflammation gave me a stomach ulcer which took a year to heal.