reference Monica
reference Monica

Having the Somavedic in my home, I’ve noticed that my sleep has improved greatly. Normally I wake up several times in the night, but since I’ve had it I’ve been waking up feeling refreshed and sleep right through the night.
The first night I set it up I had very intense dreams and felt like I had received a bit of an energetic reset.
Living near the core of a big city where it’s hard to get away from wifi, it provides a lovely sense of calm and balance in the house. I’ve noticed even my animals seem calmer as well.
It has a soothing blue-green light and beautiful aesthetic shape that works well in a variety of spaces. I enjoy having it in my workspace as well, to help clear the energy between clients and provide a soothing environment for people to go deep into their emotional work. 

Thank you again so much for this beautiful gift!! Really love using it. I’m also excited to be moving into a nice space next year and setting it up there!!
Be well and sending you big hugs!

Monica (Toronto)