Georgia Jean, Somavedic testimonial
Georgia Jean, Somavedic testimonial

I was approached by Somavedic to review their product. I am often asked to get involved with other peoples products, but because I am a healer and very aware of the struggles, including financial, my clients face, I am extremely particular about what I recommend, and VERY protective of my clients best interests.

However, the moment I went onto the Somavedic website I felt a massive expansion of energy in my body, that let me know this product was the real deal. I am a channel and my clearest knowing comes when my body speaks this way. I immediately agreed to review the product.

In between agreeing, and the Somavedic Medic Green arriving, I experienced the devastating loss of my father. I was struggling emotionally with trauma and I was in pain. The Somavedic light arrived and the first morning after I slept with it I awoke with a profound sense of peace and connection restored. The next morning I awoke and felt my father’s energy clearly and from then on this very painful experience improved. In addition to this invaluable emotional healing, within weeks of its arrival numerous other persistent physical issues I’d been dealing with since moving into my apartment, including weight gain, hair loss and fatigue began to shift significantly for the first time in 2.5 years.

I have also noticed that when working with clients who have struggled with persistent environment reactions, the Somavedic light often comes into my consciousness, as if I am transmitting it’s special frequencies to my clients to support and clean up their environments. I also always make the recommendation that they purchase this light.

I’m grateful for the surprising ways Somavedic light has supported my energetic experience, both as a person, and as a practitioner.

Georgia Jean – Host of “Coming Out of the Cosmic Closet” podcast and channel for the Circle of Light (