I originally got it as protection from 5G. As soon as this technology was rolled out, I started getting strange headaches in my temples that I never had before.
Within days of installing the somavedic, my headaches vanished. In the first few weeks, I noticed a surge of energy that continues today. I got through a very difficult and exhausting move thanks to the new found energy.

The whites of my eyes are whiter than they have ever been. We drink more water because we love the feel of the silky somavedic water on our tongues. But the greatest and most life changing gift for me was the lessening of sensitivity to mold. I have been living in a bubble, trying desperately to avoid mold as I developed a hyper-sensitivity to it a few years ago after living in a moldy house.
It seems to be everywhere these days and it has been proven by Dr. Klinghardt that wifi makes mold grow more virulent and produce more mycotoxins.
I can say that within a few months, my sensitivity has dropped by more than half. On most humid days, I don’t even go outside. I am generally feeling more energy but also more content and peaceful. Even my sometimes nervous cat seems less jumpy and gravitates to sleeping near the Somavedic.

My husband also has more energy, but I am still waiting for him to release negativity, but hopefully in time, but at least I am not so reactive to his outbursts.

I am so grateful to have found this wonderful healing globe. I look forward to adding more of these precious globes to my life. Thank you Somavedic!

Diana Craciun,