Somavedic Medic Cobalt

$1,030 CAD

Medic Cobalt is based on the verified and proven Medic model. Its core has been enriched by another gems which positively influence psyche, intuition and concentration. Medic Cobalt also helps with finding ways out of depressive states and light psychological disorders.

It helps with connecting left and right hemisphere of your brain, thus improving your memory and speed of learning.

We recommend the Medic Cobalt as a supplement to models Medic 5G or Medic Green Ultra.

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Elimination of influence of: 3G, 4G, ~90-95% 5G, EMF*, GPZ**, viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds***
Environment: wherever it is desired to have psyche in balance – houses, condo buildings, offices, shops etc.
Corpus: hand-blown crystal glass with cobalt admixture (sandblasted)

* EMF is an acronym for electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog
** GPZ is an acronym for geopathogenic zones which are frequently present in the Earth crust and negatively influence conditions for life on the surface
*** Due to the non-mechanical way, the effects show up during 3 months

Protects against harmful effects of geopathogenic zones
Protects against harmful effects of EMF
Protects against harmful effects of 3G
Protects against harmful effects of 4G
Protects against harmful effects of 5G
Eliminates parasites
Eliminates viruses
Eliminates harmful bacteria
Eliminates molds
Neutralizes effects of free radicals ★★☆ (very well)
Improves water
Optimal for a small household
Optimal for places with lots of people
Optimal for places particularly heavily polluted by electrosmog
Metaphysical focus upper 3 chakras, interconnecting brain hemispheres

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 17 × 10.5 cm
Glass color


LED diodes



150 mm / 5.9 in


70 mm / 2.76 in


1.1 – 1.7 kg / 2.42 – 3.75 lb (depending on the type and weight of the glass body)

Input voltage

5 V


60 months / 5 years