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Glacia Rain experience with Medic Green Ultra

"I love my Medic Green Ultra. I was at my wits end with trying to figure out how to neutralize the energies in my home. Our house is sitting in a high geopathic stress area and had negative Hartman and Curry Lines nearly every two feet. My family was getting sick and I noticed I began to age very fast. People began telling me I looked very tired. We weren't getting sleep and our stomachs felt upset a lot so eating was a challenge for all of us as well. We eat organic, healthy foods and do cleanses each year so it didn't make sense for us to feel so ill. We had headaches more often than not so I knew something was very wrong. I felt like I was dying. My 17-year old daughter was constantly in fight or flight because our household was under an incredible amount of stress caused by the environment. We also have a large amount of other peoples wifi running through our house as well.

We plugged in the Medic Green Ultra and were a bit skeptical yet hopeful. We were surprised at how quickly the energy shifted.

The first thing we noticed was that we could sleep again. On day two of having the device plugged in, I got the longest night of sleep I'd had since we moved in. My family now wakes up feeling refreshed instead of feeling very drained and sick. My sleep is so good that I get up early every day because I feel great in the morning. It feels like my natural sleep rhythms have been restored. My daughter noticed a dramatic improvement in her mood. She was upset and irritated most of the time before the device and now I have my sweet daughter back. I am so happy we found something that worked!

Everyone in our household has noticed an improvement in health and a feeling of well-being. I am beyond grateful for this company and this device. It was by far the best investment I've made this year. I also experienced a change in the amount of water I drink. It seems like my body has had a reset in that area and has been staying hydrated which has improved my health overall.

The other noticeable change is in the area of mental clarity. It seemed like a fog lifted off of our household. It felt lighter in the home and we could concentrate. Our household is now harmonious. My oldest son has even shown a dramatic difference in his willingness to interact with friends and family. Prior to plugging in the device, he would stay up late and sleep all day, rarely coming out of his room. His appetite was so poor that he began losing a lot of weight. He is now eating again and is happy. As a parent, I am beyond thrilled to find a solution that works for my children and has allowed them to get back to what is important which is focusing on their education, spending time with peers and generally enjoying their lives.

I highly recommend the Medic Green Ultra to anyone who is dealing with geopathic stress, negative earth gridlines or is sensitive to the overload of EMFs from WiFis and cell phones.

Thank you Somavedic. I feel confident that my family's health is now protected in our home."

Glacia Rain