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Atlantik reference from Marek

I have been collecting stones since childhood, and I grew up in stonemason's family, so I always had a close relationship with stones. Those who have never done it will not understand. It is similar to water. I spent my childhood in beautiful twists of Walachian swift creeks. For many years, I regularly used to go for water to a forest spring, and it was clear to me that this water is tastier than a tap water, which in addition was outrageously over-chlorinated. Common sense and child wisdom always told me that nature can work with water the best and more harmoniously than the current "civilization", which uses drinking water to flush its excrement and prides themselves of their maturity.

Water harmonized by Atlantik captivated me immediately. It is so "smooth" and it will literally fall down into you. We use water from the well, which is burdened by a geopathogenic zone. So it's not that the water from well is automatically appropriate, even though its quality was confirmed by laboratory tests. After harmonizing the Atlantic water loses its "burden" and a slight tone of standing water and it changes into water, which is like from a glacier or virgin swift creek. After a few days, I noticed myself being more relaxed, being able to concentrate better and mentally balanced. I could sleep much less in order to be really rested. No wonder when our bodies are 70% water.

We tried to transfer the Atlantic to another location and to harmonize the water with other water samples. After evaporation of chlorine, the water is always perfect. The difference is less noticeable with better sources, but with burdened water, the difference is noticeable by even a total layman or skeptical person, who then drop their jaw in surprise. It is also perfect to harmonize everything that contains water. A great combination is to juice some fruit and harmonize the liquid with Atlantik. Once I and my wife tasted it, the delight brought us to our knees.

We even experimented with wine or slivovitz, even though we already avoid alcohol. The result is a less aggressive drink and a clear morning with no sign of a hangover. You will fall in love with this blue glass device because it's a brilliant friend that is hard to find. We like it so much that we feel sorry to put it into a basement by the water main and so it is with us in the kitchen, where it's tirelessly harmonizing everything it can. We know from Mr. Rybjanský that it doesn't harmonize through materials like metal (eg. refrigerator, thermos flask) and through the glued wood. Atlantik uses a minimum of electricity, yet conjures perfect water.

I recommend it to everyone and especially skeptics :-)