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Alejandro: Lyme disease and immunity with Somavedic

I started using Somavedic very recently, and I can feel the difference in my home, car, and office. I use it to structure our clean water and also to mitigate the Wifi and Cell towers in our neighborhood. This product is amazing and is truly helping us, and many people deal with many illnesses and unbalances.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2012 and feel that this product could have helped me speed up the recovery and healing process. Right now, I am fully recovered and feel the Somavedic helps us keep our immune system strong. Please note this is not a silver bullet, but it is a powerful tool that used in conjunction with proper nutrition and mineralization, sun exposure, earth grounding, meditation/movement, loving relationships and a basic understanding on how EMF can damage the human cells, the rest is letting the innate wisdom we all carry inside of us to guide through vibrant healing.

I also use the Somavedic for sound therapy and bodywork. Deeply grateful for the inventor Ivan and Juraj for offering this auspicious disc of light and all the people involved in manufacturing and putting it all together.