Somavedic Traveler

Somavedic Traveler is the smaller variant of the most powerful Somavedic model and is most suitable for smaller rooms, offices and regular car commutes.

  • It was specifically developed for in-car usage
  • Neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation, Bluetooth and GPS on the human body
  • Counteracts the effect of the Faraday cage within the car’s chassis
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Has a refreshing effect during driving
  • Regenerates and detoxifies the body
  • Harmonizes the living environment


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Somavedic Medic Ruby

The intention was to create a model which besides the verified functions of the Medic model would also foster spiritual growth, inspire lovefullness and open hearts.

We recommend the Medic Ruby as a supplement to models Medic 5G or Medic Green Ultra.


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Somavedic Medic Cobalt

This model is based on the verified and proven Medic model. Its core has been enriched by another gems which positively influence psyche, intuition and concentration. Medic Cobalt also helps with finding ways out of depressive states and light psychological disorders.

We recommend the Medic Cobalt as a supplement to models Medic 5G or Medic Green Ultra.


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Somavedic Medic Amber

Somavedic Medic Amber is our brand new model positioned between the Medic Green Ultra and Medic Gold.

  • 4x stronger than Medic Green Ultra with all its benefits and features
  • 5G protection – protects the human body from its negative effects
  • Creating a more coherent, natural environment
  • Activating self-healing process in the body and mind


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Somavedic Medic Gold

Medic Gold is the pinnacle of Somavedic Technologies. It handles everything what the other models do but also adds functions which are customized to your genetic tree. This typically starts a powerful (r)evolution in your life.

If you desire to have a truly multi-dimensional transformational detoxification and expansion of your self, the Medic Gold is a perfect trigger and helper on this challenging but freeing journey.


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All prices are in CAD.