You can choose from five models and for each one of them you are automatically given a five-year guarantee of trouble-free operation. After plugging Somavedic in, the glass body lights up nicely to show that it works as it should. The consumption of electricity is absolutely negligible.

Somavedic models matrix

Somavedic Harmonie

Harmonie is suitable for older people or one-generation, small properties. It is usually used in countryside or rather smaller cities.

Besides harmonizing the harmful effects of electrosmog and geopathogenic zones, it also contains frequencies for the elimination of parasites, viruses, bacteria and molds. Due to a non-chemical way, the effects occur within one to three months. More

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Somavedic Quantum

Somavedic Quantum is ideal for places where conditions change very quickly.

Quantum is primarily aimed for spaces with frequent exchange of people, such as bioresonance, massage or other therapy centers, company and doctor’s offices, shops, cafes etc.

We also recommend this model to those who travel a lot since hotel rooms are often affected by all kinds of undesired energy zones. Quantum is also a favorite choice for use in cars and freight trucks. More

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Somavedic Atlantik

Atlantik is ideal practically everywhere where water is being used.

Atlantik treats the structure, properties, memory and energy potential of water. It eliminates water burdens, which often cause sore throat. According to the experience of users, the Atlantik water makes one to improve their insufficient fluid intake, which is very important for the organism to function properly and for achieving health. More

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Somavedic Medic

Medic is successfully used at places which require a stronger harmonization. This model can handle even heavier burdens in cities.

Medic has functions and is a stronger combination of Somavedic Harmonie and Quantum. It is suitable for households as well as for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, bioresonance centers, massage or beauty salons and other bigger properties. More

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Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

Medic Green Ultra is a flagship of Somavedic Technologies. It combines all previous models into one and it can easily handle almost all burdens in big cities. It can also treat water just like the Atlantik.

This model is a stronger combination of models Medic, Harmonie, Quantum and Atlantik. It is a great choice for households as well as for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, bioresonance centers, massage or beauty salons and any other bigger properties.

The body is made of a crystal glass with uranium admixture which is important for increasing the efficiency of electrosmog neutralization.

Medic Green Ultra has especially proven successful at places where 2 or more Medic models would be necessary. More

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Warranty period of Somavedic devices is 60 months. Functionality and efficacy of a device are at least five years, which the company guarantees. Warranty repairs are done by exchange. Warranty applies only to material defects, functional defects or defects made during production. Warranty does not apply to defects caused by an incorrect manipulation, mechanical damage and force majeure (lightning, earthquake, etc.).

Warranty also does not apply to defects incurred by an unskilled and thoughtless handling and use in contradiction to instructions of the producer.

Warranty also does not apply to damage caused by natural disasters, overvoltage or undervoltage in a house power grid, to violent damage, to mechanical damage e.g. by a fall, or to evident signs of an unauthorised intervention into the device.

Expected lifespan of a device is 7 – 10 years. Service repairs are done exclusively by the device producer.


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