Somavedic Medic Cobalt (Somavedic Canada)
Somavedic Medic Cobalt (Somavedic Canada)

We believe in honesty and transparency towards our customers. If you read through our Customers’ References, it would be hard to miss that Somavedic also works on the quantum level, positively influencing your whole system – including your emotions, thinking and even spiritual experiences. You can read the typical “physical” benefits of Somavedic on your health at What effects can I expect. However it is usually the metaphysical aspects that our customers value the most because that is typically a game-changer. Therefore, here we list another most commonly appreciated effects without any filtering.

Please be aware that every person is different and thus Somavedic has a different effect on everybody. The effect on you might be any subset of the effects below, depending on your nature and model you choose. Also as you evolve, the effects of Somavedic will very be likely changing with you to support you in an optimal way depending on what you currently need.

We also want to acknowledge that there are technological limits to what our modern science can currently prove, especially in terms of emotional and spiritual well-being. And therefore, please review the Legend below to make sure you understand which effects are proven scientifically and which are confirmed empirically by our customers.

 🏅 = Confirmed scientifically with issued certificate.
 👍 = Confirmed scientifically without certificate.
   = Confirmed empirically by customers with published reference.

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 * effects on a quantum level