When are you eligible to become our Affiliate partner?

You can become our affiliate once you buy your first Somavedic device or prove to us that you are already an owner of one. We want to make sure that Somavedic devices are only recommended by people who have their own direct experience with it.

How to become our Affiliate partner?

You can request a registration to our Affiliate Program at the Affiliate Area. This doesn’t guarantee you registration yet. We will review your application and possibly follow up with you before approving it.

If you are approved as a member of our Affiliate Program, we will pay you out a referral bonus for each order which is honestly and respectfully referred by you and which is processed by Somavedic Canada through our e-shop at https://somavedic.ca. We don’t have any visibility or access to any other websites, therefore we cannot pay out any bonuses for orders placed in other systems.

How do we match referred orders?

1. Customized Referral Link

Upon registration, you will be able to log into our system where you can obtain a customized link to our website. You can place this link on your website or send it to your friends/contacts and it serves as our primary way of identifying your referral.

When somebody clicks your link, the system stores a cookie on the background which is valid for 180 days. Then the system redirects the user to a page which doesn’t contain your unique identificator. This is expected and intentional

Thanks to this approach, people can even close their browser, turn off their computer, do their research and order after coming back after a few months and the order will still be matched to you, as long as they didn’t delete their cookies.

2. Explicit statement during Checkout

Before somebody places an order into our system, we ask them to tell use where they learned about Somavedic. If they mention your name, we will know that the order comes from you.

If there is a conflict between what the customer claims and what our systems identifies based on the customized link, we may follow up with the customers to clarify and let them decide which is more true.

Referral Bonuses

Effective since June 4th 2020, we have standardized all our referral bonuses to:

a) For all Somavedic devices except Somavedic Medic Gold and for all pyramids:

  • 10% from the selling price*

b) For Somavedic Medic Gold:

  • 6% from the selling price*

c) Pendants and keychains don’t qualify for a referral bonus

* The selling price is the lowest price after subtracting taxes and any potential discount

Self-referral bonuses

As we mentioned above, you cannot become our affiliate partner unless you already have experience with Somavedic. Therefore self-referral bonus naturally cannot be applied to your first order. If you already are our affiliate partner and wish to buy yourself another device, it obviously doesn’t make sense to pay us full price so we can pay you the bonus back. In that case, just please contact us and we will send you a discount code which will be usable only for yourself and which will automatically decrease the product price by your referral bonus.

When do we pay out the referral bonuses?

If we approve the referral, we pay out the bonuses as soon as we agree with the affiliate partner on how, when and where to send the money.

Our partners may also choose to accumulate the bonuses before we pay it out, or they can choose to use it as a credit for another order. In that case, please contact us to discuss your preference.

No discount codes as a way of identifying referrer

We want to be fair towards all our Affiliate Partners and we don’t intend to give anybody discount codes which could be used to identify the referrer. If we had done that for a single person, we would have needed to do the same for all our affiliates which would automatically mean increase of the prices for everybody else to compensate for the “automatic discount”. We don’t want to do that as we want to keep the prices as low as possible generally, not only after discount. Believe it or not, the prices are already set to the minimum so it is still worth our effort to distribute them and help people this way.

We reserve the right to occasionally execute a promotion campaign with a possible discount, but it wouldn’t be anything permanent (for this purpose we are working on a possibility to subscribe to our Newsletter – our affiliates would be notified about this possibility, if that should happen).

Ethics in the first place

We never want money to be a primary motivator of promoting Somavedic devices, whether it is a commission or a discount. We respect the real value of our products and we respect people’s free will and mean absolutely no pressure on selling our products what so ever. Our primary mission is to help people by giving them access to knowledge and technology which is usually very rare to get to. If we find out that some affiliate partner is pushing on people to buy Somavedic in any way, we will unconditionally terminate our collaboration with the affiliate partner with no compensation, even if any referral bonuses had been previously approved.

If you want to offer Somavedic devices to others, please share your own experience and knowledge and allow people to see for themselves if it resonates with them or not. We know that Somavedic works beautifully, therefore any pressure is completely unnecessary and discouraged. Many of our customers learn about Somavedic months or even years before it starts really making sense to them. Please give people time and space to make conscious choices for themselves the same way as you would love others to approach you.

Possible denial or reducing of the referral bonus

Note: The following has never happened so far, but for legal reasons, we mention this section to be clear.

We reserve the right to reduce or deny paying out of a referral bonus if we believe that there is a situation which interferes with our terms and conditions, code of ethics or if we believe the referral is not based on truth.

We reserve the right to lower the referral bonuses at any time without any explanation. In such case, we would notify our affiliates about the changes via provided email.

We also may lower or not pay any referral bonus completely if the referred order isn’t “in positive numbers” for some reason. (This may under very rare circumstances happen when we agree with the customer to match some counter-offer by offering a discount. But typically we don’t offer discounts.)

Our affiliate program is a privilege, not a right. It is our “thank you” to all honest people who love to help others by sharing their experience.