Veronika with Somavedic Medic Green Ultra (Somavedic Canada)

Somavedic Canada is an official distributor of Somavedic devices in Canada. We work directly with the manufacturer in the Czech Republic.

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Somavedic Technologies s.r.o. is the direct manufacturer of Somavedic devices.

Below is the profile of the Somavedic Technologies s.r.o.:

We started manufacturing Somavedic (called Somatex before November 2014) based on 15 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine – Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, complementary medicine and related areas, and of course based on scientific knowledge in the field of frequency therapy – effects of specific “vibrations” on the environment and the human body.

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We wanted to create a functioning and broadly accessible device which could help people to get rid of health problems. The main intention behind this was our long-term experience that conventional medical treatment doesn’t usually lead to complete recovery. Instead, it tends to only suppress or relocate the symptoms of the health issues into other parts of the body.

As far as complementary and alternative medicine is concerned, the various alternative one-off methods can work, but they usually don’t last very long and the health problems often return sooner or later.

We started manufacturing Somavedic based on the fact that the best way to achieve long-term health effects and physical and mental harmony lies in establishing a lasting harmonious environment. This is especially true during sleep which is absolutely essential for the healthy functioning of our body. If we are exposed to negative effects of the environment during sleep, our body is unable to naturally recharge the energy needed for high-quality recovery and gradually experiences dysfunctions – from mild to the most severe ones.

Similarly, a number of people are also exposed to the negative effects in their work, where they often spend many hours a day. Most often we are exposed to geopathogenic stress or electromagnetic smog, which is emitted by mobile phones, computers, electric motors, power lines, etc.

In our opinion, it is very important to use Somavedic also in bioresonance centers where space is permanently polluted by all types of zones and energies, not only those in the very location of the center, but also those from the clients. And above all, bioresonance devices are constantly “clogged up” by client’s energies and need to be cleaned as well as the operators of these devices. The practical result is then much lower fatigue of the therapists and more accurate results of the bioresonance devices.

Somavedic is currently successfully used by many bioresonance centers and its support in ranks of health professionals quickly grows too.

We wholeheartedly believe in its bright future!