Geopathogenic Zones Description

Similarly as you body can have healthy parts and not-so-healthy parts, the same applies to nature. And if you live in an area which isn’t healthy, it can be a hidden root cause for many of your health problems. Maybe you have experienced this – you felt great and vital and then you suddenly came to some place and for no good reason you started feeling like crap. Our feelings are a great barometer in recognizing the subtle energies of the Earth. But we can become dull to these changes when we linger in the geopathogenic zones for a longer period of time.

The word geopathogenic originates from two Greek words: geo meaning “earth” and pathos meaning “suffering” or “disease”.

The first mentions of “dragon veins” (geopathogenic zones) come from China and are more than 4,000 years old. Before starting to build a house, the ancient Chinese invited water finders (Dowsers) to the site to determine the location of “dragon holes” (geopathogenic zones).

Geopathogenic Zones Description

Geopathogenic zones are caused mostly by underground water currents or shifts in earth crust and other geological causes.

According to official literature staying in these zones is causing geopathic stress, which is a form of permanent stress caused by noxious earth energies, affecting our health by constantly draining our life force. Staying there for longer periods of time can cause cancer, liver diseases, lower urinary tract diseases, infertility, chronic rhinitis and a number of other diseases. A normal person will feel the malignant influence of the zones only when he/she gets sick.

Short stays in these areas are mostly harmless but the most important places to check for a gopathogenic zones are the bed where you sleep and the place of work, especially if you are sitting or standing at the same place, like office work.

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