Electrosmog Description

If you consider an evolution of humans, there was no technology for a very long time. But in the last century we have suddenly become exposed to all kinds of wireless technologies, such as radio, WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, cell phones, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc. It is now everywhere and 24/7.

Because all these technologies are quite new, it has 2 consequences:

  1. our bodies are not yet used to them,
  2. we don’t know much about their long-term impact on us (or do we?)

For example, consider a simple microwave oven. It uses radiation with frequency of roughly 2.45 GHz. Every child knows that it can heat your food. Now our scientists claim that when they make a big enough change to the wavelength that it is safe and has absolutely no effect on our body. The problem is that they made this conclusion based on tests which rarely exceeded a few weeks.

It turns out that it does affect us, but depending on your sensitivity, you can run into any consequences after months or even years of constant exposure.

In towns and cities, the technically generated level of electromagnetic radion radiation is from ten million up to billion times higher, than the natural electromagnetic relict radiation which is necessary for life. That means we are all constantly exposed to electromagnetic pollution.

This is fine if we are just visiting the city. However, when we are exposed to the excessive radiation for a long time, our bodies become overwhelmed. Especially at night when we are supposed to recover, we just cannot rest in all the buzzing that we subconsciously perceive. It is like when you filter out the noise of a highway. After some time, maybe you don’t consciously notice it any more, but it is still there. This leads to lack of energy, which leads to a weaker immune system and then all kinds of health problems start snowballing and popping out seemingly out of nowhere.

People keep having headaches and sleep problems and don’t know why. They take all kinds of pills but they don’t really help. The physicians don’t know what is the matter so they keep prescribing stronger and stronger medications full of other side effects and in the end people are led to believe that “as you get older, it is normal to get all kinds of health problems”. Yet it doesn’t need to be this way.

Electrosmog Description

We even use these technologies nonstop in our private lives too – devices such as smartphones, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, remote-controlled garage door opening – all of these technologies are based on wireless communication systems.

So what are some other typical problems that the long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation induces? Besides the mentioned poor quality of sleep, loss of vitality and headaches there is also impaired concentration, tinnitus, decreased mental and physical endurance and a higher burden on the cardiovascular system.

Yet we are so dependent on our technologies that we can’t imagine living without it. So what can we do?

Somavedic was specifically designed to harmonize these unwanted influences of EMF on our health, allowing us to continue using the technologies that we depend on without undermining our health.

Problem of 5G

At this point we want to give a special attention to one of the most recent technologies, which is 5G. All the issues described above had been experienced by people, plants and animals all over the world even before the 5G was introduced. Yet now, we want to introduce 5G which is supposed to be even 100 times stronger than what we had so far.

Not only that we don’t pay attention to already existing warnings, but we also want to introduce a “whole planet coverage” which practically means that hundreds of satellites will be barbecuing every single place on Earth from the space. Until now, you could take a refuge in the nature. This won’t be possible any more if they manage to implement 5G from space.

We acknowledge that Somavedic can reliably protect you from the harmful effects of 5G, but this is too great threat to everything alive and we cannot pretend that all is OK. We could take this as an opportunity for our growth as people will need devices like Somavedic more. Yet we don’t want to go to this direction! It is much better if we don’t have to protect ourselves at all than if we need to deploy another technology to recover from any damage we had caused by our ignorance.

What people don’t understand is that even our food sources are in danger. Strong EMF is one of the reasons why it is harder for us to grow anything today than it was before.

Whether you are convinced about 5G being a really bad idea or not, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the International Appeal to STOP the 5G both on Earth and in Space. It has many concrete scientific references and goes into far more details. And if you feel like health should have a higher priority than faster internet, please do sign the petition.

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